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Congratulations! Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2016 Finalist – Upper Hutt Region

The awards recognises the valuable contribution of volunteers to community groups across the Wellington Region, across five categories – Art & Culture, Education & Child Youth Development, Health & Wellbeing, Heritage & Environment and Sport & Leisure. This year we also have a new Rising Star award recognising emerging groups.

Wow, time to celebrate our group.

Welcome to Time Bank Upper Hutt. We use Time as our currency.

Time Banking is a way of trading skills in a community. The key features are:

  • Every one’s time is equal whatever the skill involved.
  • 1 hour = 1 time credit.
  • Members use credits to purchase services that they need help with.
  • Do what you enjoy and get someone to do what you can’t do.


Earn Credits

Who Benefits

Who is it for

Timebanking is simple. One hour of work earns one time credit. It doesn’t matter what skills are exchanged. Everyone’s time is valued equally. Your timebank account keeps track of your time credits that you can exchange for services offered by other members…. Timebanking benefits us all. For example, members have helped each other get to the supermarket, fix bikes, learn languages and get job advice. Others have shared their sewing, music, cooking and photography skills. The possibilities are endless…. Anyone can join the Upper Hutt Timebank. Our current members range from primary school children to rest home residents, and every age in-between. Everyone has something to offer. You can choose what you would like as much information as you like…

Comm Award FINALIST Icon 2016 Upper Hutt