Our People

Marilyn Olds

Over half of my life has been spent living in Upper Hutt.  I was born in Northland, began school in Invercargill, and completed my education in Auckland.
I have been a teacher most of my working life – I stayed home during the early years of  my daughters’ lives. I am a grandma, and teach part-time.
I joined TBUH at its inception.  It fulfils my desire to return to the kind of community I remember as a child, where neighbours watched out for each other.

Pat Woolley:

I was born and educated in Auckland, where I also did my nursing training, after which I moved to South Africa for 20 years, where I changed careers into sales and marketing. I have 2 wonderful children, one of whom lives in South
Africa. I joined TBUH at its inception and for me it’s a wonderful way to meet like minded people and to give back to
the community. It has also meant I have been able to have tasks done which I haven’t been able to do myself.

Sheryl Homer:

Kia ora.  I am a primary school teacher, married with two grown-up children and four grandchildren.  I became interested in time banking through friends who introduced time bank to Upper Hutt.  I believe in the philosophy of time banking, and am delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile organisation.

Virginia Francis:

Retired school Principal with an interest in developing strong community links.

Jo Booth:

I have a passion for connecting things and helping others unlock their potential or get past roadblocks. I’m also interested in the power of  time banking to reduce dependence on money and redefine work.  Coming from a broad ranging technical background I joined the Timebank to offer my help with those areas and in return get help with some of the things I’m less enthusiastic about, like washing the house. I’ve enjoyed making new connections and meeting people through the timebank.
Currently (August 2016) I’ve been helping out with the technical coordination for the Timebank website and community weaver and am on the Core Group – I run a small project called Mesh|net which seeks to connect communities, and am involved with an ICT network as well – so this fits right in!

David Carradine:

I definitely can do handyman type work, carpentry and pretty much anything related to wood and timber including furniture. I am very interested in old woodworking tools and have a great working knowledge of how to use, maintain and get the best performance out of older tools, so if you want to learn more about that, please get in touch. I am always keen to help with tree cutting, firewood collection and splitting, and some landscaping and gardening type work.

I am a structural engineer by trade with a specialty in timber and seismic performance of timber buildings, so any questions on those topics are welcome. Would consider some maths or trade tutoring and interested to collaborate with other local musicians either tutoring or just playing. I have been playing guitar and bass for over 30 years doing all kinds of music and I am also a competent drummer. I would be happy to do some music teaching for basic or intermediate players and also keen to potentially get some lessons from someone more experienced. I would be very interested also in just playing with some local musicians doing covers or originals of any style of music. I do a lot of cooking and would be happy to share what I know about Mexican, American and lots of other styles, or anything else related to the kitchen.

Tricia Macdonald

I have been involved with Timebank in Upper Hutt from the beginning.   I was impressed by the personal and community minded ideals of this organisation and continue to participate with enthusiasm.   I am an older member and have arthritis  but I can still find ways to help others.  I belong to the core group (acting now as Treasurer).  Thus I can be useful and involved.   I recommend Timebank and hope we reach out and flourish  in the community of Upper Hutt.