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Trading Post 103rd  Edition 31st May 2016

Strategic Planning Meeting

We had our strategic planning meeting yesterday. Thank you to Bethany Carradine and Beryl Harris for attending and giving us a member’s perspective. Thank you to Virginia for planning and chairing the meeting.
We had some robust discussions and hope to present the outcome to you in the near future.

Exciting opportunity for being intimately involved with Timebank Upper Hutt’s development.

Meera Isaac has handed in her resignation as coordinator effective 30th June 2016. We are looking for someone to step into the role. The ideal person will be passionate about Time Banking and committed to working alongside the Core Group to develop Time Bank Upper Hutt into a successful and vibrant time bank. This is a paid role which at present is funded for 8 hours. It is as a contractor which means PAYE is the coordinator’s responsibility. If this sounds like you please email for a job description. The core group look forward to hearing from you.

Upcoming workshop:
Beryl Harris, one of our members and owner and founder of Naturally Nursing will be running a workshop for time bankers and anyone interested.
Topic” Keeping Healthy- The Basics.”
Venue: 39 Kowhai Street, Upper Hutt
Date: To be advised
Time: Daytime
Cost: Time Bank members: 1.5 time dollars
Non members: $10.00
Limited to 10 participants.
Please register your interest by contacting Virginia on 04 527 8371.

Time Bank Market Day:
We are looking at organising a Time Bank Market Day  in July. Watch this space.

Trade Broker: We are looking for a member who has the skill, positivity and time to work alongside members to facilitate trades. You will earn time credits for your involvement and meet new and lovely people. 

Upcoming sausage sizzle: We are planning some more fund raising activities to brighten up winter. Watch this space.

Cleaning gutters: I need someone to clean my gutters and scrub my solar panels. I have a ladder. Contact Marilyn Olds on 04 972 8735
Window Cleaning I need someone with a ladder to clean 3 windows. Please contact me
(Bethany),  Face book, or on my cell if interested 0277858962.
Electrical skills:I need either help to find filters or advice on a new range hood. I could need help with switches that are not working. Please contact me (Sharda), or 021)155-2587, 04 9761818


Take care of your body with ergonomic tips for computing
If you get an ache from using that mouse hand, want to prevent OOS or RSI, or just get faster ways to use your computer you will love my special session to teach you keyboard methods for doing all that stuff you thought the mouse was for.

Feel better and work smarter. 1/2 to 1 hour session depending on your level of skill at the outset. Suitable for all levels of knowledge of computing as these are general tips for computer use.

Tree trimming and timber clearing
This is a bit of a combination of an offer and a request.  I am offering to do some tree trimming and timber clearing but I do have an ulterior motive in that I am also hoping to gather some firewood.  I don’t have the ability to haul away brush but I can remove burnable wood and can pile up the brush if necessary.  If you have some trees that need work or you want to get rid of some wood that you think may be firewood I am happy to come have a look and see what we can do.  I have a chainsaw and a few other implements for tree work. If you require trees to be dropped I can have a look and let you know.  I will certainly be happy to say no if it seems to be beyond my skills and I am very health and safety conscious, so I don’t take any chances.
Contact David Carradine on,  or   027 777 0416

Pet sitting:
Twenty years experienced vet nurse currently not working who would love to take care of your pets. Please contact me (Bethany),  Face book,or on my cell 0277858962.

Face Book Tutorial
People ask me how to use Facebook. If you want to understand more about how to post, post events; use the Inbox; restrict who sees your comments; see less offensive ads; or recognise phishers and report inappropriate contact, I can give you a session with your facebook account to understand more. Contact Caroline Welkin on 04-9340033


  • Members meet at the Mayfair Café, Main St every Wednesday at 10.30 am.
  • We have a Face book page – www.facebook/timebankupperhutt . Please find it, and comment/like the items put in by other members, and share your own stories/trades etc.
  • We also have a website at  Have a look. There are some elements we are working on.
  • Cooking for the Teen Parent Unit:  We are looking for members to cook meals for the toddlers at the Teen Parent Unit at Heretaunga College.  Please contact Virginia Francis on 04 527 8371. This is a great way to make sure the next generation gets a good start..

Keep trading. It has been good to see new offers and requests being listed.