Time Bank History.

Time Bank History:  

  • Edgar Cahn’s journey into Co-Production/Time Banking started when he was in the Coronary Care Unit on his 45th Birthday. He was recovering from a major heart attack and was not given very good odds of making it. He had suddenly become the passive recipient of everyone else’s help. For the first time he felt useless and didn’t like it. Cahn became incensed that the market and social welfare system essentially discard people who have no marketable value He refused to be One More Throw Away Personedgar_cahn_22
  • Features of what he started and what still exists are:
    • Everyone can contribute whether it is a trade done from your home or at a member’s home/community.
    • It helps generate a sense of community across the generations.
    • It fosters self-sufficiency.
    • It promotes a selfless caring community.
    • It promotes resilience.
    • It is a parallel economy alongside the market economy by trading skills that are sometimes not acknowledged by the market economy such as child rearing, caring for the sick and elderly.
    • It links people in a social network as each act triggers a reciprocal act.
    • It utilises the capacity of individuals who have been relegated to the margins of society and creates social capital.
    • It develops reciprocity.